Bruno's Run Hiking and Mountain Biking Route
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The Bruno's Run Trail offers a 9-mile (14.48 Km) loop ideal for hiking and mountain biking in spring, summer and fall and snowshoeing in winter. This is an easy to moderate trail with some short steep hills.
Although the trail is not groomed in winter for cross-country skiing, it does offer a suitable course for experienced skiers who prefer to break their own way. Ski only to your ability.
Located about 11 miles south of M-28 and the community of Wetmore, the trail may be reached from the north or the south via FH-13. Bruno's Run Trail may be accessed from both the Widewaters and Pete's Lake campgrounds as well as from FH-13 at Moccasin Lake and FR-2173 at Grassy Lake. Limited parking is available at each site.
Winding its way past a host of small lakes etched in this relatively new glacial plain, the trail runs over foothills, along overlooks and through valleys. The many lakes and streams in the area and its variety of trees and other plants make it likely that those traveling the trail will spot wildlife or signs of their coming and going. If you are alert, you are sure to have an enjoyable outing.
Permits are not required for camping along the trail or for camp fires. Please be careful with fire and leave the trail as you would like to find it -- free of litter and other evidence of human presence.

Trail Heads:
Bruno's Run Trail Map
Pete's Lake Campground, 15 miles from Munising on FR-2173
Widewaters Campground, 17 miles from Munising on FR-2262
Moccasin Lake Rest area 14 miles from Munising on FH-13.
Nearby Forest facilities are at Pete's Lake Campground, Widewaters Campground, Island Lake Campground and Moccasin Lake Rest Area.

Trail Segments:
Moccasin Lake to Pete's Lake Campground (1.36 Mi/2.2 Km) - Beginning at a scenic point overlooking Moccasin Lake, the trail moves east from Forest Highway 13 to the campground north of Pete's Lake.
Pete's Lake to McKeever Lake (1.35 Mi/2.2 Km) - The trail winds between Pete's lake and Grassy Lake, generally following a route parallel to Forest Road 2173.
McKeever Lake to FR 2258 (2.06 Mi/3.28 Km) - A small bridge allows crossing of a stream south of McKeever Lake. Rolling hills on the western part of this segment provide some of the most scenic terrain
on the trail. Dipper Lake and Wedge Lake may be viewed from overlooks along the way.
FR 2258 to Widewaters Campground (1.41 Mi/2.3 Km) - After crossing Forest Highway 13 and the Indian River, the trail runs northwest to Fish Lake, where a bridge provides a stream crossing near the campground.
Widewaters Campground to Moccasin Lake (1.12 Mi/1.7 Km) - This short segment includes rolling country that travels over an old logging grade and through a dense stand of mature hemlock called the "Hemlock Cathedral." The round-trip ends at the trail access point at Moccasin Lake.
Information courtesy of US Forest Service
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July 18, 2017 - reviewed by Anonymous
Agree with a previous reviewer, this trail could be marked better. As we entered the trail opposite Mocassin to go clockwise, we got to a road and it was VERY unclear where to go. You cross the road into a trail that is NOT Bruno's. Only until we saw horse poop did we know we were on the wrong path. A good portion around Pete's Lake is paved through the campground. Also this trail is at least 10 if not more miles. The lakes, trees, foliage made it a super trail. IT was VERY easy. Hardly any elevation, well maintained.
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August 1, 2016 - reviewed by Anonymous
this is an awesome trail, however the trail could be marked a little better then what it is , there are forks in the road that don't tell you if you are not on the correct trail. the scenary is beautiful, we did face nets this year, the bugs were down compared to other years.
Overall Rating: Trail Markers: Drinking Water: Scenic: Difficulty:
November 21, 2015 - reviewed by Rhonda
I absolutely love this trail. With the recent reroutes being made by the USFS it is now a great ride in both directions. Beautiful scenery and an overall fun trail to ride.
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October 9, 2013 - reviewed by Anonymous
Just a couple of spots could be marked better but we didn't get lost :). Love the scenery
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June 6, 2011 - reviewed by The Beaten Path
Who is Bruno you ask? The trail is named after a black bear that used to roam the woods on Hwy 13. I have to say this is one of my favorite MNT bike trails ever! I have been riding this trail for the past 12 years and it gets better every time! We arrived at the Moccasin Lake rest area early Sunday morning and were riding by 8:30AM. The temp was in the mid 60's and we were all feeling great! Bruno is in excellent condition, hard packed black dirt with some leaf coverage with minimal sand traps. If you ride the entire trail you get to see the full gamut of beauty the U.P. has to offer. The trail goes by 8 lakes and trough a campground or two. When we finished we all filled up our bottles at the water pump at the rest stop and I have to say the H2O was tastier and more refreshing than any water bought in a plastic bottle. We had so much fun we decided to do the trail again, backwards! Overall an epic day of riding... thank you Bruno!
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