Wetmore/Little Presque Isle/Harlow Lake Area Trails
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The Wetmore Landing, Little Presque Isle, and Harlow Lake area offers 19 miles of hiking trails. This area boasts a Lake Superior shoreline trail that goes along Little Presque Isle Point, a loop along Harlow Lake, and a view from the top of Hogback Mountain; one if the highest points in the Upper Peninsula. The North Country Trail also passes through this area.
The shoreline portion of the trail is a picturesque stretch of coast with both great sand beaches and rocky shoreline.
The hike to the summit od Hogback Mountain offers excellent views of the surrounding area. Hogback Mountain has an elevation of 1,220 feet, making it the second highest point in the Upper Peninsula.
Rustic cabins are available to rent in the Harlow Lake area. These cabins are open year round and can be reached via snowshoes or cross country skis in the winter.
The Wetmore Landing parking area is east off CR 550 about 5 1/2 miles north of Marquette. The Little Presque Isle parking area is an additional mile north.

Trail Segments:
Song Bird Trail Loop (1.1 miles): This segment starts at the Little Presque Isle parking area. The trail loops between Harlow Creek and Lake Superior and has ten stops with signs that interpret songbirds common in this area: sparrows, American redstarts, pileated and hairy woodpeckers, several kinds of warblers, merlins, thrushes, juncos, and gulls.
Wetmore/Little Presque Isle/Harlow Lake Area Trail Map

Little Presque Isle/Harlow Lake Trail Loop (6.7 miles): Use the Wetmore Landing parking area on the east side of CR 550, leave trail head towards Lake Superior and travel north on the trail along the lake, continue past Little Presque Isle Point and follow trail northwest, cross CR 550 and continue toward Harlow Lake, at Harlow Lake follow trail around the lake on the east side and up Bareback Ridge, after enjoying the views of the Huron Mountain Range and Marquette continue down trail and back to the trail head.
Hogback Mountain Loop (4.6 miles): Use the Wetmore Landing parking area on the east side of CR 550, leave trail head toward Lake Superior and travel south on trail along the lake, follow the sign toward Hogback at Hogback/Sugarloaf intersection, cross CR 550 and continue to follow trail up Hogback, at the top of trail follow the rock face up to the top of Hogback, after enjoying your accomplishment head back down the rock face and continue along trail. This segment is steep so take your time and watch your footing, after the trail flattens out you will come to an intersection, follow trail to the left, after a short distance take the first right (this trail is not marked with blue paint), cross old rail road grade and continue on trail until you reach an intersection near CR 550 (you will not be able to see CR 550 but you should be able to hear it), follow the trail left, continue on the trail until it merges with a larger trail and crosses CR 550 to the trail head.
Other trail segments are also available. See map for details
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May 1, 2014 - reviewed by Anonymous
This trail is awesome. I haven't hike it in years, but it used to be a regular of mine. If you're going to be anywhere around Marquette, don't miss it. In fact, do this hike even if you skip all the others. Forget Sugarloaf. Unless you have little ones. I don't actually know about drinking the water, but take a camelbak or a liter with you. The easiest way to get there is to go to the Wetmore Pond hike on the right, heading north on 550. It's a loop parking system Then, catch the trail around the parking lot. There will be signs saying how far Hogback is. If I remember right, it's 1.8 miles. Follow the trail, at some point there is a fork with a sign to Wetmore. You want to go the opposite way. A great part before the peak, which no one mentioned, is an ominous hemlock stand. They are so tall, there's no undergrowth and they're gloriously quiet. You'll hit a short stint of low marsh, that may be a little wet. Then you'll cross over, start what you think is an easygoing ascent. Then the steeper stuff hits you and just when you think you need a second break, you'll see a rock face. Climb that and you're golden. It's beautiful, peaceful and perfect for any soul-searching. Or even for fun, if you're into that kind of thing. On second thought... Maybe I Gould be saying this place sucks...
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April 9, 2011 - reviewed by Jim
Hiked up Hogback today. A little bit of ice, snow, and mud. Good times!
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October 16, 2010 - reviewed by Anonymous
Nice hike up Hogs Back today. 65 degrees in the middle of October is good for me.
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July 25, 2010 - reviewed by Jen
We hiked up to Hogback from the Wetmore Landing parking area. The weather and trail were great. A little mucky in the low lying areas, but other than that it was clear sailing. Very little bugs. An excellent hike!
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November 15, 2009 - reviewed by Jim
We hiked up the Bareback Ridge loop today. Wind was a little cool coming off Superior, but for the middle of November it was a beautiful day. The trail is well marked and easy to follow if you have the map or know your way around.
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